the art of roar marketing collaborative

The Art of Roar is a collaborative marketing experience that allows our emphasis on teamwork and collaboration to meet our desire to help others.

Our creative approach to marketing is designed to embolden your brand and take your organization to new heights.  We provide marketing services in print and digital  format, as well as help you to build a strategy tailored to your  industry and marketing vision... we go so far as to help you train your in-house marketing person and make sure they are  armed with the  appropriate "gear" to become your newest marketing warrior.  


Laura Pietrzak

 “One  of the keys to marketing is building relationships.  

In order to  connect to my clients, I need to know

 what is important to them so we can send an impactful and effective message to their community and 

future clientele.  Why did I choose marketing? 

Because it is exactly the  work that I love to do – using & growing my network to the best of my ability to help

 others in the most effective way possible.” 

With  over 25 years of comprehensive marketing experience, Laura Pietrzak is a  diligent, effective, and accomplished professional who has a strong belief in going above and beyond for all of her clients.

She has been called an "engineer of ideas," capable of creating something of great substance from a simple concept. After working with business owners and 

decision  makers, she has built foundations from the ground up, establishing  highly successful relationships

 and holding high caliber events. Laura’s marketing

 efforts resulted in raising upwards of $15 million for non-profit organizations, which allocated funds to international  research in support of either individuals with blood cancers or children with rare and incurable diseases.

Laura thrives in an environment of people with a  high level of achievement, people who use integrity in their work and  compassion in their daily activities.  

“I love to encourage the growth of ideas. 

Anything is Possible.”